Welcome to the ChemSM e-learning platform

ChemSM e-learning platform provides companies dealing with chemicals, mainly downstream users and distributors of chemicals as well as state authorities, like sanitary inspection and labor inspection with a training packages ready to use for self-study and group training at the workplace. The proposed training packages can also be used for blended training which combines online training with traditional classroom methods.

The ChemSM training aims at strengthening the competences of the target groups in the field of chemical safety management (CSM), to enhance knowledge of relevant professional communities related to the European legislation (REACH, CLP) and to empower trainers’ skills in creating and conducting training in CSM.

The e-learning platform contains one basic and one advanced training package. Each user upon his/her scientific background, expertise and/or educational needs can attend any of the available online courses. Exercises and tests are also provided for self-assessment. At the end of each training package a certificate of complition the ChemSM training is provided.

Basic training (Introductory and Basic Modules)

This training program is intended to help users expand their knowledge on the key issues related to the REACH and CLP regulations. The basic module, apart from lectures, includes exercises.

Advanced training (Advanced Module)

This stage of the training program aims to provide in-depth knowledge on selected issues related to the REACH and CLP regulations. These include the compilation of safety data sheets by formulators of chemical mixtures, the authorization procedure, the restriction procedure on the manufacturing, placing on the market and use of certain dangerous substances, mixtures and articles, under REACH, and the classification of mixtures for physical, health, and environmental hazards, and the labelling and packaging of chemicals, under CLP. The advanced module, apart from lectures, includes exercises.


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