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Chemical Safety Management Training Hub
for Downstream Users (DU) and Distributors (D) of Chemicals
as well as Occupational Health Safety (OSH) specialists

About ChemSM-HUB

The multi-functional ChemSM-HUB is an online tool that brings together the ChemSM e-learning platform with three training modules, ChemSM guides, a glossary related to CSM, ChemSM mobile application, helpdesk, access to full texts of REACH and CLP regulations, ECHA guides, databases, websites and chemical safety organizations at EU and national level. The training materials of ChemSM-HUB are designed for both self-study and group training.

ChemSM e-learning

This virtual learning environment provides training modules, with lectures, exercises and tools to assess training progress and outcomes/h5>

ChemSM m-learning

M-learning related to the ChemSM program is delivered via the Mobile ChemSM. The training covers basic terms, concepts, definitions and procedures contained in the REACH and CLP Regulations.
M-learning has been gaining popularity among methods for developing skills and competence.
M-learning not only gives the trainees an opportunity to learn on-the-go, but it also allows them to get instant access to information whenever and wherever they really need it.