1. Registration account and login
  2. Exercices
  3. Lectures
  4. Final Test and Certificate

Registration on platform:

To create an account on the platform, complete the form (link here) and fill in all the required data (marked with *) and remember to confirm the GDPR. Next wait for the account to be activated by the administrator. An e-mail will be sent to inform you about activation. 

Login: You can use username or e-mail when logging in. If you make a mistake several times when logging in, your account will be blocked for 15 minutes (for security reasons).


Each module (e.g. Basic, Advance) is divided into sections (TS). To expand a section, click on the desired section. The progress bar on the right indicates how many elements of the module are already completed.

Sections consist of lectures and exercises.

If you want to start exercising, click on the appropriate link, e.g. “BM-TS1 Exercises”

The first time you start the exercises by clicking the “start” button. Next time, choose “Redo” to start a new trial, or “Review” to see your previous answers.

During the exercises, you have the option of: skipping this question (“Skip”), checking the correct answer (“Check”), ending this exercise attempt (“Complete”). In addition, you can change the questions to the next (“Next”) or previous (“Prev”) and change any question by clicking on the button with its number. Remember that answers to displayed questions are saved when you click “Next”, “Prev” or “Complite”, but answers are not saved when clicking on the question numbers.

After completing the test, the test results are presented. To pass the test, you must obtain 80% of correct answers. Remember that these are only exercises, and the obtained grade (percentages) is only information about the level of your knowledge.


When reading content for a lesson, you can scroll forward or backward through the pages. . At any time you can download the entire lesson in PDF format, open glossary or additional pages (Links).
If you think that you have already learned content in lectures, press complete button.
You can also go to the next stage of the course or go back to the previous one.

Final Test:

The final test consists of randomly selected questions from all previous sections of the course. To obtain a positive assessment, you must answer 80% of the questions correctly within a specified period. Important: after selecting the correct answer, you must click the “Next” button. Clicking on the buttons with the question number does not save the answers, and should only be used to view all questions in the test.

After passing the final test, click “Finish” to have access to the certificate. If you pass the final test, you can get a certificate by clicking the “Certificate” button. To save and print the certificate, press the right mouse button on the certificate and select “save image as”. If there is a problem with the correct display of the certificate on the website, refresh the page (e.g. press button F5).

After completing the course, obtaining certification, you do not have access to exercises and lectures. To restart the module, click the “Retake course” button. Please note, however, that you will not be able to access the certificate until you pass the Final test again.