Module code: IM

The Introductory Module is a part of the training package created within the project „Chemical Safety Management Training Hub for Chemical Users – ChemSM-HUB” nr 2017-Pl01_KA202-038432, co-financed by the European Union under the Erasmus+ programme, implemented from October 2017 through December 2020.

The Introductory Module provides REACH and CLP terminology and describes the main procedures of the regulations. It’s purpose is to familiarize trainees with the objectives, terms and concepts of both regulations, and thus facilitate further learning. The module is intended mainly for initial self-study.

The Introductory Module contains only one training session (TS).


  1. What do REACH and CLP stands for?
  2. Chemicals covered by REACH

                2.1. Substances

                2.2. Mixtures

                2.3. Substances contained in articles

                2.4. Exceptions

  1. Activities covered by REACH

                3.1. Manufacturing

                3.2. Import into EU

                3.3. Use

  1. Main players

                   4.1. Authorities

                   4.2. Companies

  1. Roles of actors in the supply chain

                   5.1. Role of manufacturers

                   5.2. Role of importers

                   5.3. Role of downstram users

                   5.4. Role of distributors

  1. Obligations of actors in the supply chain

 6.1. Manufacturers

 6.2. Importers

 6.3. Downstream users

6.4. Distributors

  • Communication flow in the supply chain
  1. Safe use

8.1. Registration dossier

8.2. Chemical safety report

8.3. Exposure scenarios

8.4. Safety data sheets

  1. REACH procedures

9.1. Registration

9.2. Evaluation

9.3. Authorisation

9.4. Restriction

  1. CLP procedures

10.1. Classification

10.2. Labelling

10.3. Packaging

10.4. Notyfication and communication

  1.  Interface between reach and clp
  2.  ECHA communication tools
  3.  Public consultations