Module code: BM

The Basic Module is a part of the training package created within the project „Chemical Safety Management Training Hub for Chemical Users – ChemSM-HUB” nr 2017-Pl01_KA202-038432, co-financed by the European Union under the Erasmus+ programme, implemented from October 2017 through December 2020.

The basic module is intended to introduce you to the basic issues of the REACH and CLP regulations. A separate session was devoted to the introduction to safety data sheets. The last session of this module discusses important sources of information supporting the project’s target groups in complying with the obligations imposed on them by the provisions of both regulations. The lion’s share of the session was devoted to the support available from ECHA website. The EUR-Lex websites were also discussed.

As a supplement to the Basic Module, a Pocket Guide (PG) for Downstream Users and Distributors has been developed, available from the ChemSM-Hub and in hard copy at project partners’ sites. The guide (PG) covers the most important issues of both regulations, among which the user will find a description of the core terms and processes of REACH and CLP, tips on how to search for detailed information relevant to the downstream user and distributor on ECHA’s website, how to identify the role of an actor in the supply chain, a list of actors obligations to suppliers and recipients of chemicals, as well as to ECHA and much more.

The Basic Module contains 4 training sessions (TS).

TS Code: BM-TS1                 Introduction to REACH regulation

TS Code: BM-TS2                 Introduction to CLP regulation

TS Code: BM-TS3                 Introduction to SDS for substances

TS Code: BM-TS4                 Introduction to ECHA and other sources of information

In order to clearly present the above issues, all TS of the basic module include exercises.