Module code: AM

The Advanced Module is a part of the training package created within the project „Chemical Safety Management Training Hub for Chemical Users – ChemSM-HUB” nr 2017-Pl01_KA202-038432, co-financed by the European Union under the Erasmus+ programme, implemented from October 2017 through December 2020.

The module contains selected REACH and CLP issues that we found important and in need of further discussion, including safety data sheets –technical details and practical tips for formulators, restriction and authorisation procedures under REACH, classification of mixtures in terms of physical, health and environmental hazards under CLP, and general rules for labelling and packaging of chemicals under CLP (7 training sessions in total). The training session dedicated to SDS guides you through the process of developing 16 sections of the SDS, paying particular attention to the areas where the formulator can cause the most problems, including section 3.2 of SDS. It discusses what extended safety data sheets and exposure scenarios are and gives its examples. The module describes the process of granting authorisation and applying restrictions under REACH and deals with the classification of substances and mixtures and their labelling  under CLP which processes are used to regulate and thus reduce the adverse impact of chemicals on human health and the environment.

The Advanced Module contains 7 training sessions (TS).

TS Code: BM-TS1                 SDS – technical details and practical tips for formulators

TS Code: AM-TS2                 Restriction procedure under REACH

TS Code: AM-TS3                 Authorisation procedure under REACH

TS Code: AM-TS4                 Classification of mixtures under CLP – physical hazards

TS Code: AM-TS5                 Classification of mixtures under CLP – health hazards

TS Code: AM-TS6                 Classification of mixtures under CLP – environmental hazards

TS Code: AM-TS7                 General rules of labelling and packaging under CLP

In order to clearly present the above processes of both regulations, all TS of the advanced module include exercises.