TS code: BM-TS1


The lecture describes the main issues covered by REACH Regulation including procedures of REACH, chemicals covered by REACH and obligation of actors in the supply chain.
The lecture briefly characterizes chemical safety assessment (CSA), chemical safety report (CSR), safety data sheet (SDS) and exposure scenario (ES), shortly discusses the substances of very high concern (SVHC) and IT tools on ECHA website such as: REACH-IT and IUCLID. Finally, the lecture discusses in detail data flow in the supply chain.
The lecture is supplemented with exercises (see BM-E-TS1).


The aim of the lecture is to introduce trainees to the REACH Regulation.
After completing this training session (the lecture and the exercises) trainees should:

  • get acquainted with the REACH Regulation of the European Union;
  • get to know the function of the REACH Regulation;
  • learn the basic definitions of substances, mixtures and other deadlines related REACH; become familiar with the role of participants of the supply chain.

In general, get acquainted with the protection of human health and the environment against threats posed by chemicals, while increasing the competitiveness of the chemical industry in the EU.

1. What does REACH stand for?
2. REACH procedures
2.1. Registration
2.2. Evaluation
2.3. Authorisation
2.4. Restriction
3. Chemicals covered by REACH
3.1. Substance
3.2. Mixture
3.3. Article
4. Actors in the supply chain
4.1. Manufacturer
4.2. Importer
4.3. Downstream user
4.4. Distributor
5. Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
6. Chemical Safety Assessment (CSA)
7. Predicted No Effect Concentration (PNEC) and Derived No-Effect Level (DNEL)/ Derived Minimal Effect Level (DMEL) values
8. Chemical Safety Report (CSR)
9. Exposure Scenario (ES)
10. Substances of Very High Concern (SVHC)
11. REACH: roles and responsibilities of actors in the supply chain
12. Obligations of downstream users (DU) under REACH
13. Obligations of chemicals distributors (D) under REACH
14. IT tools on ECHA website
15. Data flow in the supply chain
16. Articles in REACH – responsibilities of entities